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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cultural Exchange

One of the best things about the Foodie Penpal program is getting a window into others' lives and cultures.  This month's both from Soonya was a perfect example--Soonya's family is Mexican-Korean, and the box included foods from both cultures.

 Soonya included a wonderful handwritten note (how I envy those who have better handwriting than I do, which is pretty much everyone) explaining that the miso soup was great served with a rice mixture that included jasmine, brown and sweet rice along with barley.  The ramen packets were deliciously spicy--David cracked one open the day the box arrived and ate it with leftover brisket.
The honey, which is made in California, is from a Mexican-run plantation.  It includes a gorgeous piece of honeycomb and I am looking forward to having it in tea.
Soonya was also thoughtful enough to include two cans of cat food for Ingrid, who turned 18 two weeks ago.  My gorgeous Siamese cat has been with me since I was 22--almost half my life.  She's a little slower and grayer, but still sassy and a fabulous companion.  I'm lucky to have her.
Thanks again to Soonya for a fabulous box!