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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Blink...

...or you'll miss me.

A friend sent me a Facebook message today telling me that I was in the trailer for the new Drew Barrymore movie Big Miracle.  Terrible name.  The previous name of the movie was Everybody Loves Whales, which wasn't much better.  Nevertheless, it was a great experience and it's a total kick to see myself, even wearing mom jeans, even for a microsecond (at the 1:23 mark), in the trailer.  I'm hopeful that means I'll make it into the finished film, which premieres in February.

There's an astonishing amount of acting talent in Alaska.  I auditioned more or less on a dare from my friend Tamar--I'd heard about the auditions, but hadn't planned to go.  In the end, the casting agents auditioned something like two thousand actors from all over the state and cast forty speaking parts here.  We'll see if my line makes the final cut.

I'm sure that if you make a living in the film industry, this is pretty routine stuff.  For me, it was a great adventure.  I still don't know why they chose me for the movie, but I am grateful.  Here's what I can tell you:  film crew members have great senses of humor.  It is not fun to eat Swanson fried chicken for take after take.  Ken Kwapis, the director, is an incredibly nice guy.  Ted Danson doesn't look his age at all.

I'll never act for a living, but I'll also never forget the experience.


  1. This is FANTASTIC! Congratulations. You must be so excited. I watched it and then saw it again at 1/23 - you're in the room watching TV? 1/24 and it's at the hairdressers ;-) Looks a stunning film - after seeing whales in South Africa appreciate their beauty. Will be interesting in time about the title. Ted Danson has white hair!! Well done.

  2. Wow! How exciting!! I hope you make the cut, too :) Off to watch the clip~

  3. @Jill, you've got it! I am in the shot at 1:23 with the rest of my film "family." Although I am in the beauty parlor scene, that's not me reading the newspaper. Good call!

  4. What a fantastic experience for you! I hope you make the final movie. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. How funny!! Hope to see you in the movie, lol!